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Hey eco-warriors and party goers! Ready to throw an event that's not only memorable & fun, but also makes a positive impact on the planet? Look no further - just book or partner with Party For Our Planet! Plus you can follow these top 10 ways to make your event eco-friendly, because who says you can't party and help the Earth at the same time?

Reduce paper waste:

  • Say goodbye to paper waste and hello to the digital age! Send out invites through email, text, social media, etc. Not only will you save a forest & several animals homes, you'll also be able to add even more unique customizations!

Décor with Flair (and Care):

  • Transform your space into whatever theme you'd like with sustainable decorations. Think reusable banners, potted plants, floral decor, upcycled centerpieces, etc. that all still deliver a WOW FACTOR! You can also shop at your local thrift store for themed pieces that could go with any event!

Feast on Green Goodies:

  • Team up with caterers who specialize in locally sourced, organic vegan delights. Plus ask if they use compostable or reusable serving ware. Try to plan menus that use fresh, seasonal produce! Delicious food and a happy planet? That's a win-win!

Carpool Karaoke Showdown:

  • Get your guests in on the fun before the party even starts! Encourage carpooling, public transportation, or even set up a designated rideshare group. It's like a pre-party adventure that reduces carbon emissions, and makes sure everyone gets there on time & more safely!

Recycling Stations: Party MVPs:

  • Recycle! Set up recycling stations that are user-friendly. You can inquire with Party For Our Planet about having a composter provided as well!

Lights, Camera, Energy Efficiency:

  • Light up your event with energy-efficient LEDs and creative lighting solutions. Can you use solar? Your party will be so energy-efficient, it might as well be powered by good vibes.

Swag Bags with Purpose:

  • Ditch the useless trinkets and fill your swag bags with eco-friendly goodies. Reusable water bottles, eco glitter confetti, and maybe even a little plant friend - all of which can make your guests feel like eco VIPs.

Give Back & Educate:

  • Use your event as a way to give back to your community & educate your friends and family of a cause that is dear to your heart! Your guests will leave not just with memories but with a newfound passion for a great, impactful cause.

Want help implementing any of these? Or Just want to host an epic eco friendly event? Book or Partner with Party For Our Planet today! Plus with these 10 tips, your event will not only be memorable for being an awesome time, but for also being awesomely eco-consciousness. So, let's party hard, dance like nobody's watching, and help the Earth, one celebration at a time! 🌎🎉


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